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Why are so many people NOT seeing my Facebook post?

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When I have hundreds and hundreds of followers on Facebook, why are only 22 people seeing my posts? Good question. You might not know this, but to get your posts to show up in your friend’s news feed on their facebook page, you actually need to start getting more likes and comments every time you post.  Just posting arbitrary stuff to make it seem like you’re engaging isn’t enough.  It looks like Facebook is evolving.  Try to convince people WHY they should like or comment.  We like controversial, but not enough to actually get people to stop liking you.  Have you tried Facebook advertising?  We’ve heard so many negative things about it.  Take a look at the video, this guy makes a great point.  For starters, people aren’t going to Facebook to shop, they’re going to participate in discussions and look at videos/photos etc.

So if we were to chart this out, exactly how many people ARE seeing your posts?  For the average page, that’s just one out of six fans you’re reaching. Five out of six of your fans aren’t seeing you at all.

Tell us some of your thoughts and best practices that have worked for you!  Have you noticed traffic in your analytics coming FROM Facebook?