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Websites are FREE

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Building websites are FREE, and with WordPress and Joomla a FREE open source content management system companies can have their very own website 100% FREE. Hosting is just a place that a website is stored on a computer and if you have a computer then hosting is FREE! This is all 100% True, just the same as Heart Surgery is free. You don’t need fancy equipment or software you simply need a good knife or scalpel. I can do heart surgery the same way my general surgeon can create and build a kick awesome websites that are geared to market and generate leads with accessibility and usability that is cross browser compliant and html5 with css3 standards. Keeping in mind that its SEO, Search Engine Optimized for the targeted audience. All this being said I don’t think my Dr. would want me to practice heart surgery without spending the 100s of countless hours it takes to learn, practice and use all the specific skills needed. This is the same for web design and development as well as online marketing.

Fox Designs Studio is not a fly by night web design company. We have spent 1000s of hours studying usability for marketing practices on the web. It is so important to know and understand your target audience before you can then create a unique user experience that brings new life to your market and industry. Sure websites are free, but do you want a free website that will do as much for you as a knife or scalpel will without the time and dedication it takes to know and understand the in-depth complexities of custom coding?

When hiring a web designer, just like hiring a doctor, your are hiring for their skill and knowledge for a service not a product. Don’t be fooled by FREE websites, FREE open source CMS like WordPress and Joomla or even hosting that you can manage yourself for FREE.

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress and other free open source content management system’s can be great and have the ability to build amazing websites, but it comes with a cost of hiring a highly skilled professional who knows and understands their systems and also ultimately knows what’s best for your unique project.

At Fox Designs Studio we pride ourselves on providing just that; highly skilled and professional designers, developers and marketers. Fox Designs Studio is your Companies Dream Factory. Call us at 800-257-9679 and let our team help you with your Web or Marketing plan. We are a creative ad agency located just North of Phoenix Arizona. 42104 N. Venture Dr. Building C-110, Anthem, AZ 85086.

We would love to hear from you. Please commit or contact us. https://foxdesignsstudio.com/site/contact