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To Droid or NOT to Droid – That is my question.

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At FOX Designs, we are a mixed house.  Some of us can't and won't live without our Apples and others, well, we don't think any less of them because they choose to live an Apple-less life.  Myself, I am a proud, certified, card holding Apple devotee.  MAC Book, iPad, iPod and iPhone.  Oh, wait, nix nay on the iPhone.  I WAS an iPhone girl up to a week ago.  For reasons of frustration and cost, I decided to leap from my iPhone 3g to an Android, rather than the current iPhone 4g.   Did I make the right decision?

I've been often told that the Android is Awesome or Better than iPhone.  Then again, it's easy to find an Apple cult member that will look you in the eye and repeat, verbatim,  “It's an iPhone, need I say more?”  So, hear I sit, with my new Android in hand, trying to figure out how to retrieve Dave's Mobile number from my contacts so I can call him.  I know it's in there, I'm able to text to his mobile phone.  I'm a smart person, got me a college degree and all.  Have I been brainwashed by the power that is Steve Jobs, which makes my ability to use anti-Apple products impossible?
I remember that my leap from Blackberry Pearl (which I loved) to iPhone was painful.  Then the love blossomed and me and my iPhone were an item.  The phone was responsive, attentive and did what I expected it to do.  Then the honeymoon was over.  If it's possible, the phone became sluggish, battery couldn't hold a charge for longer than a few hours and wiping the phone and starting over didn't seem to improve the situation.   Eventually, my frustrations took over and I wanted a divorce.  and… Wa La…  I am dating an Android.  It's slick, lots of bells and whistles, things in different places (took me a week to figure out how to retrieve my voice mail) and it's potential is waiting to be discovered.  I'm a busy person, just like you, so I lack in the patience department when it comes to learning something new.  We have become, wait….  we ARE, a society that expects immediate return on investment and shortfalls are not acceptable.  
I realized yesterday, that I am just not interested in subjecting myself to the learning/adjustment curve that this phone warrants for me.  I long for the touch of my iPhone and it's familiar functionality.  Have I given the Android a fair chance?  Sometimes, you just know when a date is not a good fit.
Has drinking the Apple Kool-Aid sent me down an irrevocable path?  Am I in such a hurry that I am not allowing this new relationship to take flight?  Have you crossed over to the anti-Apple side only to return, I mean, run, back to the arms of Apple ?  I'd love to hear your thoughts !