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So whats in a mobile website?

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As we know almost everyone has a smartphone now days. More and more people are going that route. In 2012 its expected that over 70% of internet viewers will be surfing the web on a smartphone. You will want to make sure your own websites are complete with mobile detection and have a easy to use mobile interface that is compatible with the newest phones and devices.
So whats in a mobile website? Here is a great guidelines to follow.

1. Only show the basics. When people are viewing your website on a mobile device, they are probably not going to spend a lot of time digging through it on their tiny screens. They are most likely looking for a key piece of information, such as your phone number. Strip out all but the essential information that is most useful to viewers in a mobile context.

2. Auto-detect the device. I've seen some websites that host the mobile version on a separate URL such as “m.domain.com” or http://www.domain.mobi.” This is annoying because it requires the user to take an extra step to switch between sites. Your website should detect the device and serve up the most appropriate version automatically to make it as easy as possible for the viewer.

3. Reduce content to single columns. Mobile devices have limited screen space so it's important to make good use of that space by displaying all content in a single column with no sidebars. This keeps your content readable and usable.

4. Make sure phone numbers are rendered with text, not images. Phone numbers should usually be rendered as text on any website but it's especially important on mobile websites. If the phone number is part of an image, then it won't be clickable on a smart phone which makes it very inconvenient for the user to try to call you. Make sure phone numbers are rendered as text so it's easy for users to “click to call.”

5. Avoid drop-down menus. This menu style is not good for usability on any website but on a mobile device drop-down menus are even more cumbersome. Stick to simple navigation that can be accessed with a simple click to make it easier for mobile users to navigate your website.

It's not difficult to create a mobile version of your website but it's important to consider the context in which your viewers are accessing your website. By keeping it simple and well-prioritized, you will ensure a great experience on a variety of mobile devices.

If you need help with your next mobile website, feel free to contact us and we will be glad help.