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Security and Backups

Keeping your site protected with website maintenance.



If you’re not backing up or updating your custom wordpress website you’re taking a huge risk and this can cost you in ways that you can’t even imagine. According to Forbes.com and Sophos Labs, 30,000 Web Sites are hacked each day.  With our Website Maintenance packages, you  can rest knowing that we have monthly backups of your site files and database as well as monitoring of your website through Google Webmaster Tools and iThemes Security.


Our security monitors your site and reports changes to the WordPress filesystem and database that might indicate a compromise. Our security software for WordPress also works to detect bots and other attempts to search vulnerabilities.


Help prevent Denial of Service attacks and stop attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software as well as helping to stop unwittingly distributing malicious code for the cyber criminals

Our security software hides common WordPress security vulnerabilities, preventing attackers from learning too much about your site and away from sensitive areas like your site’s login.




What is it all about?


Having a website is great, but as we all know things can go wrong. Why do you need a website maintenance and backup solution? Well, firstly, the engineers at Expression Engine continually evaluate their software and provide patches and security updates to prevent malicious attacks and DOS (Denial Of Service) Attacks. These can bring your website down and prevent it from being banned from your hosing provider – even when it’s not your fault!


Secondly, what if you were to make a change and overwrite something? This happens more than you think which is what prompted us to re-evaluate the needs of our clients and thusly we’ve created this plan.


Monthly, we will check for updates to your CMS (content management system) and apply any updates that it requires, furthermore, we’ll backup your site AND database. In the event of a catastrophe, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your site will be safe and sound and back up within minutes of being reported down.

Remember, once we are done with your site, you own it. Unfortunately we can’t be responsible for what happens after that point, so take the time to secure your investment; you can’t put a price on the time and effort it takes to bring a site back (if possible) from server crashes or hijacking.

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Website Maintenance



Ask yourself this:


Doesn’t Your Hosting service provide backups?

It depends. There’s no guarantee that our hosting provider will even have a backup of your site. In most cases they do, and their backups occur every couple of weeks or so. Imagine the data and time lost to recover your site — even if you could get your site back.



Can’t I back up the site myself?


Yes. However, keep in mind that we would need to allow you to have FTP access and the CPANEL access to download both the site files and the database. Unfortunately we can’t teach you the ins-and outs of either File Transfer Protocol or server control panels so if you feel up to it and are knowledgeable, you’re more than welcome to manage this yourself. Keep in mind though that anything you do can have far-reaching impacts and can permanently damage or destroy your site or any settings contained therein.



Where are your backups stored?


Our backups are performed nightly and contain both a site backup (your files) and your database dump. These files are stored on servers with redundancy for protection.

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Maintenance Packages


No website is the same, and that’s a fact; so why should the support for them be? The truth is, we can cater to any budget and need and be flexible like that because we base our website maintenance plans off of hours. You get a discounted hourly rate the higher you go of course, but what if you only need a couple hours of month? What if you need a full time management team at your disposal? We have you covered in both instances.

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