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Search By Discovery: A New Way To Search

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There is a new generation of search coming very soon that will heavily impact the future of the internet.  In fact, search isn’t even accurate.  What is accurate is discovery.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about SEO vs SMM or Search Engine Optimization vs. Social Media Marketing.   Yes, it’s true that social media marketing has been around for a while now.  It’s also true that there are many companies whom just have a niche product or service and have really thrived at selling on Facebook.   Personally, I also think it’s true that most people are not going on Facebook to shop.  Facebook is for connecting friends and families and sharing stories and experiencies and funny videos/images.  But, that being said there is an opportunity that exists to make money.   Companies that have products or services that have a viral tendancy to them are doing great.  Here’s an example: a site that sells wearable QR codes’s that links to a profile to share information instantly (http://skanz.com/).  People think this kind of stuff is really cool, and will share it with other friends and like a virus it’s spread around the world

Is it more important now to be on the first page or top raking of a google search for your focused keyword?  Or is is more important to have a hundred thousand followers on facebook and twitter?  The answer to that question is starting to become a little blurred.  Traditionally, you know exactly what you’re looking for so you enter a search term into a search engine like Google and are delivered results based upon that search term. With the integration of social media in all faucets of our lives, things are changing how the process is now.  Most of you have already encountered this and never even knew about it, I’ll bet.  Given the above example of Skanz, image that you were on twitter or facebook for a moment and you just happened to see this cool widget that a friend had shared.  Now, before, you never even knew this widget existed, but you LOVE it and you have to have it.  And, you pay for it.  We call this discovery:   you might not know about something until you see it; you discovered it with the help of your friends.  Exploring an idea could lead to another idea altogether.  How does this affect your business?  For starters you have to be willing to expand and adapt to how people share information about your company.

You have to make your brand more appealing in more creative ways; enough that someone wants to share it with their friends, and they share it with their friends.  This form of organic traffic back to you leads others to discover your brand even though they have never heard of you before and weren’t specifically searching you or your services out.

We’d love to talk more at length about this and how you can grasp this amazing concept to help your company grow.  Contact us today: https://foxdesignsstudio.com/contact

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