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Responsive Websites vs. Mobile Websites

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Are mobile websites really necessary in today’s responsive world?  My answer is YES.

According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 85 percent of adults now own a mobile device and nearly 60 percent of them are using it to access the Internet.  We are noticing an increase in how people are accessing our clients sites through our analytical data on mobile devices.

Responsive is great and everything that we do at Fox Designs is responsive.   But there comes a time in which the content of your mobile version might need to be served up differently than you’d like on your website.  Examples in this case might be limiting pages for mobile, streamlining shopping cart processes or simply redesigning the look and feel of the mobile version.

If you’re still reading and have no idea what the difference is, let me help you.  In responsive design, the website through css and some javascript.  Your website automatically adjusts according to a devices screensize as well as orientation.  It does all this automatically without any input from the end user.  A mobile site can be, but doesn’t necessarily have to be, a copy of your website that’s redesigned and optimized specifically for mobile devices.  The mobile version is more of a customized, unique experience for mobile users.  Where a responsive site uses the same domain name, a mobile version might not.  For example a mobile version might be formatted like this: http://m.mysite.com  in our case, we simply utilize http://mysite.com/mobile without creating more work of adding another subdomain etc.  Responsive is a great flexible solution but for other sites that want to expand their brand and image, a mobile version can be a great investment.