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Our videos help to introduce & educate.

From promo to informational…we have you covered.

There’s a science to our madness!


Promotional videos from Fox Designs look great on any website and can add movement to a website. It’s a fact: people respond more to video than text. When you think about the effectiveness of videos, especially since they can be shared across multiple platforms, it’s not hard to understand why people hire us to produce simple, short videos which promote or introduce their business or products/services. Visual marketing is here to stay and we want to help you, so contact us today!

Our Clients

What makes us unique? We LISTEN to our clients! We deliver what they want – with our classic designs!

  • Cattlehedging.comCattlehedging.com
  • Multitable.comMultitable.com
  • UltimatePredatorGear.comUltimatePredatorGear.com
  • ChateauObrien.comChateauObrien.com
  • Carrolllawfirm.comCarrolllawfirm.com
  • CollegeAthleticRecruitingServices.comCollegeAthleticRecruitingServices.com
  • GridIronFlag.comGridIronFlag.com
  • ExtremeArchery.comExtremeArchery.com
  • MinusActiveWear.comMinusActiveWear.com
  • Allendale-Inc.comAllendale-Inc.com