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Unique Logo Design Services

Logo design

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand – the one single element that identifies your company. A logo anchors a company’s brand and can literally be the reason for a company’s success. Before you laugh off what we’re saying as a bunch of buzzwords and hype – think about this for a moment: Mc Donald’s infamous “Golden Arches” are so familiar now, that they can drop the words from their logo and it’s instantly as recognizable. The same goes for Pepsi. There is a definite science behind our logo design services; it’s not just a mashup of images and text in a visually appealing manner. The logo must be clear to identify when seen even at a distance. The logo should be consistent and not have various “versions” of it as this confuses people and destroys brand recognition. We’re in the business of creating distinctive identities that engage and attract an audience. We listen to your input and incorporate your vision into something that translates. Your new logo design from our company will come with various file formats so that you can use them in any marketing piece that you may need including a vector version. Take a look at some of our logos we’ve done for clients below and then get in touch with us, you’ll love your new business identity from Fox Designs Studio – we guarantee it.

Our Clients

What makes us unique? We LISTEN to our clients! We deliver what they want – with our classic designs!

  • Cattlehedging.comCattlehedging.com
  • Multitable.comMultitable.com
  • UltimatePredatorGear.comUltimatePredatorGear.com
  • ChateauObrien.comChateauObrien.com
  • Carrolllawfirm.comCarrolllawfirm.com
  • CollegeAthleticRecruitingServices.comCollegeAthleticRecruitingServices.com
  • GridIronFlag.comGridIronFlag.com
  • ExtremeArchery.comExtremeArchery.com
  • MinusActiveWear.comMinusActiveWear.com
  • Allendale-Inc.comAllendale-Inc.com