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Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategies get results.

Balancing Design With Function

There’s a science to our madness!

Email Marketing

Marketing via email has garnered a reputation these days for being “behind the times”. It’s not as exciting as other tools for reaching out to your audience – like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. And, you’d think that email marketing produces are less than those of social media. But you’d be wrong. Surprisingly, a recent study from Custora uncovered those customers who came from direct email campaigns had quadrupled in the last four years. Make no mistake, this tool, when done right, can garner significant return. We like to think that our unique designs set you apart from your competition and provide better reputation which convert to sales. Direct marketing via Mailchimp has its own set of bonuses. For starters, it’s easy to track who opened your email, who clicked on it, and exactly where they came from — including auto posting to social media networks. We offer automation as well, which opens new doors. Automatically follow up with your customers after a purchase or clients after an event. Engage some of your best customers with a coupon triggered by their shopping behavior. The possibilities are endless.

Our Clients

What makes us unique? We LISTEN to our clients! We deliver what they want – with our classic designs!

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