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One Size Does Not Fit All

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Each Fox Design client has different needs/requirements for their website project.  Web site development is not just slapping a few pages together and inserting some pretty pictures.  There has to be careful thought and planning to figure out what the best solutions are for your specific project.  One solution does not fit all.

This week, I was working through the details of a project with a client.  There was some back and forth info gathering and prioritizing of must haves and don't have to have right away items.  Joe the jump roping champion of the Western hemisphere (names changed to protect the innocent) wants to build a crazy wicked site for his new venture – JumpStars.net.  All kinds of bells and whistles.  Like most of us, funds are tight and there are not a lot of lump sums of moolah sitting around.  There are a lot of moving parts to this site and each has its own nuances and solutions.  For example, Forums.  It's not just a bunch of published text or blog postings.  Forums require a database, secure log-in, specific design layout and some intricate installation processes.  You can't just plug n play a Forum – there's not an APP for that.

When Joe and I first began our discovery, it seemed MojoMotor would be the right choice to get the website up and running.  That's just it though, it would be up and running but the ability to add the bells and whistles would be a lot of coding effort.  Coding is expensive.  Did you know that “Coding is Poetry?”  Not everyone is well versed !  As we progressed, it became apparent that the best overall solution was to power JumpStars.net with Expression Engine (EE).  EE is a work horse with plenty of modules to make it hum like a fast skipping rope.  Expression Engine will prove to be the smartest and most cost effective long-term solution for Joe's website.

If you and your significant other are in the market to buy a house and you are planning to have children in 2 years.  Which would be the better solution – buy a small house now and purchase a bigger house when the kids come OR purchase the larger home now so you can lock in a currently low interest rate, have a smart long-term investment and have plenty of room to grow?  Like a website, there has to be careful thought and planning to figure out what the best solution is for your specific needs.

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