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Marketing Gold and Your Reputation

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Why do some companies strike marketing gold and others don’t? Is it by accident? Some of the best campaigns in recent memory are BudLight’s “Real Men of Genius” followed swiftly by Dos Equis “The Most Interesting Man In the World.”   Marketing is just one of those things we all have to do as business owners on a daily basis. Have you given much thought to your brand? How many of you agree with this: Bob Pittman has run everything from MTV and Nickelodeon to Century 21 and Six Flags. While he was president and COO of AOL–back when that meant something–he said this: “Coca Cola does not win the taste test. Microsoft does not have the best operating system. Brands win.”  What are some of your more notable marketing attempts??

What about protecting your identity?  How many of you out there actually take time to engage customers on social media vs just marketing?  Here’s A Revolutionary Marketing Strategy: Answer Customers’ Questions! Tech More: Social Media Customer Service CRM Salesforce.com BI Intelligence

The Reason So Many Brands Fail On Social Media Is That They Don’t Actually Talk To Their Customers.  Most people don’t realize that on their websites all they want to do is talk about their companies and what their companies can do for you. Well, put yourself in a customer’s shoes. When they search, they’re searching for answers to their questions. Devote portions of your website to answer questions that people would ask in your industry. You’ll certainly see a return!