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Jamaica taught me that every little thing is going to be alright

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We met some of the most loving and caring people we have talked to in a long time. These people have very little, yet give such a positive loving feeling towards others, as that is truly more important to them. Jamaica was amazing and we look forward to taking another trip back to stay with some of the locals that we had met. When we return we will plan to travel the Island and learn the culture. Jamaicans are amazing people that we can learn a lot of from, they have no worry; no problem. One thing we learned was that the government is very hard on the people and the taxes that are taken out are outrageous, so much more then what we tend to complain about here in the states. I was surprised how hard they work for very little pay and some have to pay as much as 50% in taxes. How would that change your lifestyle?

Everyone was so friendly and I don't believe it was just the ganja in the air, I think it’s the nature of the people. On our way back to the airport we were in a travel car and the tire blew out. Once we were safely off to the side (thanks to our amazing driver and tour guide), all I could hear were the sounds of beeping horns and people yelling, This was not a bad thing however, as we would expect here in the states. This was a sign of everyone wanting to help, and seeing if we were ok. To change a tire is a very easy process and most could have done it by themselves, but 3 or 4 cars did not even ask if we needed help, they just stopped and started working right away without even asking. As by brother-en-law said; next to a Nascar pit-stop, this was the fastest tire change we had seen (Jamaican pit-stop).

When was the last time that you needed help on the road and anyone even stopped? I know I’m guilty of watching as I drive by because I am on the phone or I am rushing to get home or to work. I am a very busy person and I have meetings and appointments to get to. How about you?  

I believe that God would want us to consider helping others more as I will now take a second thought about passing someone up that could need help.

There are many differences between our culture and the cultures around the world. For me, my trip to Jamaica taught me that every little thing is going to be alright.