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How to Have an Appealing but Functional Website Design?

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Today, more and more people prefer to buy products or find information about brands online. As trends and behaviors change, it is important for businesses to keep up to date with the current ones. When people are searching for certain products or services online, they are likely to look for the website before anything else. To make a good impression on first-time visitors and generate interest within the audience, you need to create a user-friendly and functional web page.

It is crucial to focus on web design elements that can keep visitors on the page for a longer time. With an interactive layout, high-quality visuals and bold typography, you can make the website appealing and functional as well. Here are a few useful ways that you can consider to have an easy-to-navigate and attractive digital platform.

  • Clean Typography

It is another way that you can design an appealing but functional website. When people are scrolling through the page, they are likely to pay attention to the headlines first. You can make an impact on the viewer instantly with engaging fonts and clean typography. Choose a style that represents the industry or niche and encourages people to explore the web page.

This way, you can create a website that draws focus to the relevant details and visual brand elements as well. It’s a good idea to select a bold and modern typeface or you can take inspiration from the logo design too. You can consider the brand name or lettermark and opt for a similar style for the headlines on the home page and landing pages.

Make sure that the logo icon has appealing fonts that instantly catch the eye of the viewer. If you are looking to design one for the website, you can browse through tools like a logo creator and pick a template to customize.

  • Add Relevant Images

This can help you create a website that attracts higher traffic and convert leads too. Most people who visit the web page are likely to focus on the visuals before other elements. It is a good idea to include images that are engaging and relevant to the business or brand as well. This way you can convey the right idea or message to the audience and avoid cluttering the page too.

Focus on incorporating visuals that highlight the products or service or show real people using it. You can also include images of production methods or the team behind the business. Make sure that the pictures reflect the brand values closely and tell people what it has to offer. Establish a visual hierarchy so visitors can navigate the page easily and find the important information.

  • Bright Calls-to-Action

For a modern and minimalist layout, it is essential to include elements that grab attention instantly but do not overwhelm the visitors. To keep the website design functional, you should highlight the CTAs with bold and bright colors that stand out against the background or visuals. Green, yellow, red, and orange are commonly used to highlight the message and convince the users to act.

You can also create a contrast against a neutral or opt for a simple black and white color scheme too. Its also a good idea to incorporate the brand colors for CTAs so you can create familiarity as well. Make sure that they are clearly visible and accessible for visitors across the pages.

  • More White Space

This is one way to maintain balance and keep attention on the important details as well. By including a lot of white space on the website, you can prevent clutter and make it easier for people to navigate. Its also a good way to engage visitors for a long time and create a web page that is highly responsive.

If you think it, a lot of design elements can be confusing for the audience. They can also affect the loading speed of the website and increase the bounce rate. With ample white space, you can prevent this from happening and add breaks between images and text as well.

  • Key Details Above the Fold

Most people tend to form an opinion about a business or brand from its website. According to a report, it only takes viewers around 50 milliseconds to decide if they want to stay or leave the page. This is why you need to focus on the information and visuals that are visible above the fold. Since people will see that before scrolling down, it’s important to include a video or image with a convincing headline.

This way, you can convey the key details immediately and show how the product or service is unique as well.

To Sum Up

These are some ways that you can have an appealing but functional website design. It’s a good idea to keep a few in mind when you are creating one for clients or your own business. In the end, this could help you boost organic traffic and improve the ranking of the web page in search engine results too.